The I Hear You web series is a non-conforming, feminist medical drama that follows the lives of a group of women – cis, trans, femme, non-binary, young, old, able-bodied, disabled – who each struggle with sexual health issues. From postpartum depression to chronic pelvic pain and painful sex, to seniors with STDs, we are cracking open the taboo around women’s sexual health and the medical crises that women are silently facing on the front-lines of primary care. Watch this free web series right here or on Youtube


Opal is a 73 year old queer widow who has just gotten back into the dating game, unfortunately her new lover has given her Chlamydia and she’s not sure what to do it about, or the excessively embarrassed young doctor who can’t seem to get past the fact that someone her age should not be having sex (with no plans of slowing down!)

Nadia is 15 and just started menstruation.  She is having major trouble with her skin and experiencing severe bullying at school.  Meanwhile, her mother is pressuring her to go on birth control but largely because she thinks her daughter is sexually active.  With no one listening to Nadia it’s no wonder this young women doesn’t feel comfortable in her body. 

Kailin, a woman in her mid-40s living in a larger body, who has an increasing disconnection from her libido and is struggling to find a solution or a doctor that will take her seriously when she says it is not her weight.  

Julia is driven, married, runs a business and has had chronic vaginal pain during intercourse for the last 5 years.  She can’t seem to get a doctor to take her seriously and her husband thinks they just aren’t trying hard enough to fix this ‘problem of hers’. 

Riley, is a 32 year old non-binary person who has tried for almost a decade to get tubal ligation.  They are repeatedly told that they are too young, that they just haven’t met the right man, or that they need psychiatric counselling to be certain they will not regret this decision down the road. But they are not giving up what they feel is their right to decide what to do with their body.

Summer, is a young woman living in a differently abled body who is excited to start family planning with her partner Simon.  Except they can’t find a doctor that can see past Summer’s wheelchair and who will support them in their hope to have a baby.  
Alyssa and Grayson reconnect based on their shared values. 

Despite her best efforts to prepare herself, Madison, 23 experiences a panic attack when she is faced with a routine pelvic exam by another doctor at the clinic.  

Martha is a 43 year old single mom by choice.  After multiple attempts and miscarriages she finally has a baby boy through IVF.  But now the thing she wanted the most, to be a mom, is turning out to be not what she expected as she struggles with postpartum depression.  

Samantha, a 40-year-old trans woman, is experiencing her first UTI after having gender reassignment surgery. Having received very little information on vaginal care post surgery she is worried something has gone wrong with the procedure. 

36-year-old Claire and her husband are headed on a 12 month trekk, until they find out Claire is pregnant.  Not interested in having a baby, and having taken step to actively prevent pregnancy with an IUD they come to the clinic seeking a medical abortion.

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